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           Milind Chimurkar, President, Indian Institute of Fire Engineering, Nagpur. He has an excellent track record of running the Institution for last 22 years.


INDIAN INSTITUTE OF FIRE ENGINEERING, NAGPUR is registered Under Government society Act 1860 (Regd. No. MAH-365/97)

Indian Institute Of  Fire Engineering was established in 1996 with a vision to prevent loss of life and property due to fire and make our society a safe place to live in. We have been a pioneer when it comes to providing education in fire fighting and safety. Over the years I.I.F.E has trained thousands of students and made them capable to respond to any kind of emergency situations, disasters etc with utmost professionalism and valour.  The Institute and its students take pride in serving to the community and those in need with dedication and professionalism.

I.I.F.E since last couple of years has gradually ventured into providing services and helped many institutions and industries to make their work place safe. We have worked with many government organisations in India and foreign as well. It has also provided many voluntary services to schools and colleges and educated them about the fire safety drills and fire precautionary measures.


Thousands of people are killed or injured and properties worth billions of rupees are destroyed due to fire. In addition, the loss of time, income and corporate profits caused by accidents, injuries, occupational health problems and hazardous material also add millions of rupees.

Our mission is to mitigate the threat to life and properties through quality education in training, prevention, inspection and preparedness.


To educate students in Fire prevention, Fire detection, Fire fighting, Servicing of Fire equipments by imparting theoretical knowledge, practical training, ground drills, modern fire fighting equipments and projects.

To educate students in Industrial safety and security To organise conferences, workshops, visits to various industries and organisations.

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IIFE has only one Motto that is "WE TRAIN TO SAVE" life and property from devastating Fire/Accident/Earth Quake/Natural Calamities etc.